Old Is New


Master Sauce Co., Ltd. was established in 1943. We located in Taichung. The history of Master Sauce Company stretches back over 70 years. Production has progressed from hand-made to fully-automated but the high quality of naturally brewed soy sauce will never change. Our products are popular among mass populations, schools, institutions, and foods service organizations. We have excellent reputation for good quality and faith dealing, because we believe corporate responsibility is a main core of business strategy. We were also award “GOOD MANUFACTURER” prize by the government sanitary department many times. By passing 70 years, Master Sauce Company always catches the modern technologies to keep fresh food, to improve food processes and production efficient, and to advance management methods and logistic distribution. We also hired professionals to upgrade the plant to comply with HAACP system and GHP standards, so today people can buy our products all over the world.

Natural Food, Healthy Forever

Selected natural black beans, brewing rich germented-bean aroma
Eexpressing colorful, aromatic, premium and dainty cuisine especially after stewing.
Secret of 60-year brewing technology created premium aged soy sauce,
tender and mellow aromas, a seasoning magic key indispensable to cuisine experts.

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